Tuesday, 16 August 2011

comfy pyjamas

While frantically getting dressed for work this morning (having overslept for the 2nd time this week), it struck me as strange that my go-to work outfit on a rushed morning is a suit.

Once out the door I realised that I was very comfy - a bit like wearing a favourite pair of PJs. WTF? Business PJs?

So the image above is not one which suggests workplace armour or gender equality or even (gasp!) quality tailoring ... but comfort, ease of wear & simplicity. All I have to do is find a suitable top, some matching jewellery (which I forgot today) & a pair of shoes and PHWOOM! I'm out the door looking good to go.

And yet, herds of women stalk through business districts wearing the same basic get-up & emanating 'grrr' vibes. Granted, I didn't straighten my hair this morning, nor am I wearing make-up (ugh) and I still bite my nails - so I'm sure I don't fall into the 'she'll eat her young' scary-lady.

So what is it that gives a suit power? Or is everyone just wearing jammies?

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  1. Hmmm Interesting thought actually... I've seen too many frumpy women in ill-fitting suits, which don't have any power, so I think it's a combination of well-fitting and the person inside the suit and the way they hold themselves.