Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Things I've learned this week about Laminate Flooring (ugh)

So, I'm knackered. Turns out that laying laminate flooring is not as easy as it's made out to be. I'm
not sure who made it out to be easy ... but it's not.

To see what lovely flooring should look like ...

Now, on the premise that there are parts that are easier than others, and that having (the right) power tools makes the job infinitely easier than I've found it to be, I'm going to add my two cents' worth of general DIY knowledge to the pool:

  • using a tenon saw is helpful only for small cuts - do not attempt to use one for the whole of your floor or you'll damage the boards and end up with a lame arm.
  • BIG hardpoint saws like this are the bomb. Use them. :)
  • If you're going to to use a jigsaw - which I ended up doing, eventually - make sure that the blade is facing forwards (i.e. away from you) when you fit it into the jigsaw, and use the right blade. This was a T102 on my saw, but could be different on yours. My jigsaw was sold without any blades (or instructions!!!) as it was only £9.99, but most come supplied with these supposedly bare necessities so you might not find this as stupefying a piece of knowledge as I did. Seriously. I went through at least 5 blades before I noticed in DIY catalogue that all the other jigsaws out there have blades fitted the other way around - man, did I feel dumb. 
  • Threshold strips are expensive! Measure carefully and preferably order them well in advance as your whole project could be put on hold because the right length/finish/whatever version isn't available when you need it. 
  • It helps having someone around to keep you going and to help you out generally! :) Himself lets me do all the fun stuff and then takes over when I'm exhausted and about to have a tantrum.
Will report back later when the flooring is actually done, and you will be rewarded with a picture of me eating Frito's on the floor. Tum tum tummmmm!

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