Sunday, 5 June 2011

weekly treasures, 04.06.2011

Posted by ShoZu

Weekly Treasures

On the way to meet up with my girlie for some Saturday yaks & a Mexican-themed 30th birthday bash in North London, I stopped in at my local charity shop & 3 (3!!!) others I'd not been to since we moved to our new house.

The stash now includes: 2x '80s basic blouse patterns + 2x zips + 1x point turner/button gauge +1x packet of cherry red seam binding + 1x pair of jeans + 1x pair of pillowcases = £6.40 (from the 'local').

While the other 3 didn't amount to much, 2 of them have very promising sections dedicated to patterns, buttons and other notions ... so worth a more regular visit. I bagged a belt buckle & a smaller packet of blue seam binding for £0.20.

A good shopping day all round!! now to put this lot to good use...

Posted by ShoZu